Membership Rules

Here are the basics.

Your Dining Club membership grants you monthly “offers” at each of our participating restaurants.

Your e-membership may be used once per month at each restaurant and may have specific exclusions based on the restaurants discretion. Information on restaurants is subject to change at any time, so it’s important that you check our website prior to dining.

You must be able to present proof of your e-Membership at check-in and should be electronically available on a mobile device.



Tipping policy.

As a member of Dining Club, our partner restaurants welcome you as privileged diners.  To allow us to maintain and expand the quality of restaurants, please tip the wait staff at least 18% on the total bill BEFORE your deduction is made.



Misplaced e-memberships.

Dining Club membership are digital and NOT replaceable.  Its value is nontransferable. E-membership are the responsibility of the member and neither Dining Club nor its participating restaurants are responsible for misplaced memberships.



Dining in groups.

There is no limit to how many memberships can be used at once although memberships can not be shared. Please request separate checks when multiple members are present so that each member can redeem their own offer.



General information.

Dining Club is not responsible for any participating restaurant that does not honor your membership. In the rare event a participating restaurant doesn’t honor your membership, please maintain a professional demeanor with the restaurant.  You may report any such occurrence to Dining Club within 72 hours. Please be prepared to submit your receipt for review. Dining Club reserves the right to revoke any membership for violation of any of the rules.