Frequently Asked Questions

How does the DiningClub work?


You can use you DiningClub membership when dining at any of our partner restaurants (a full list of these restaurants are listed on our website). Present your member and personal ID to your server, receive the deal, enjoy.


How often can I use my membership at each restaurant?


Your membership is valid one (1) time at each of the participating restaurants per month. DiningClub is partnered with over 80+ restaurants and will continue to grow. We’ll continue to provide options for you.


Why can I only go to each restaurant one time per month?


The DiningClub membership is designed to offer you an incentive to visit a restaurant you may not have tried or have been a ton of times. If you enjoy this experience at our partner restaurants, we highly encourage you to let your friends know about the great experience you had.


Why do restaurants participate in DiningClub?


Our partner restaurants participate in DiningClub for the opportunity to connect with new people like you.


What makes a great dining experience?


That’s for you to decide. We hope our club will create new experiences for you!



Can I “bundle” my membership with other discounts or promotions at a restaurant?


No, you cannot include your membership with any other discounts or promotions.


How many memberships can be used at one time?


There is no limit to how many memberships can be used at once although memberships can not be shared. Please request separate checks when multiple members are present so that each member can redeem their own offer.


How do I know that a restaurant will honor my membership?


The owner or authorized manager of each restaurant participating with DiningClub is in agreement to honor memberships. In the event that any DiningClub membership is refused, the member should contact DiningClub at within 72 hours. We will find a solution to the situation.


Should I be required to provide more verification data for Stripe checkout?


When checking out with Stripe, the service automatically pulls your name and email from the registration fields so you only need to enter your card information.


How do I cancel or modify my subscription?


If you checked out using your PayPal account, you must manage your subscription there. Follow these steps listed below. If you checked out using Stripe — Click My Account and then click Subscriptions. There you will find options to Update, Pause or Cancel your account.

1. Login to your Paypal account.
2. Click Settings next to “Log out.”
3. Click Payment.
4. Click Manage pre-approved payments under “Pre-approved payments.”
5. Click the agreements you want to view in the “My pre-approved payments” section.